OPACITY INC: The Post-Nowist Performance Art Collective are on extended hiatus due to the death of the following persons: N.W, S.W, J.Baudrillard, G.Debord, J.Nuttall, A.Tarkovsky, R.Vangeim, S.Sontag, A.Ginsberg, B.Burroughs, S.Blow, T.Shandy, The Situationists, F.O'Hara, J.Christ, British Music, Rock and Roll, A.Kaprow, M.Duchamp, W.Whitman, A.Crowley, M.DeCerteau, Hope, Justice, The Pougues, King Mob, R.A.Wilson, ... too many to mention.

The collective, who notoriously re-created the anniversary of the declaration of greenwich village as free independent republic of bohemia, who chalked the streets of city, who installed a beach into the centre of the city, who wept, danced and howled down the streets, who destoyed each others' minds, who were sisters, who created incredible site-specific performances, who re-incarnated imagination, who re-introduced the word CUNTISH to the world, who were top of the academic charts and didn't care, who mapped poland into york and york into poland, who walked, who moved and were moved by the ebb and flow and tide of the city streets, who swore would never become part of the system , who stood for hours protesting love, who recalimed the streets, who knew that to be free was nothing, but to become free was everything, is everything and always will be,

"The hiatus lasts until MARGRET THATCHER IS DEAD AND BURIED, then we will create our newest work, we cannot even consider art until we are rid of her..."


----------------------------END OF MESSAGE----------------------------


Opacity Inc. are leaving the atro-city, in spring 2007 we are packing our roots of urban war-fair and hitchin’ to the sea, to the country, to a new field of geographical enquiry. Cumbria is the destination although no doubt theirs will be filled with many geographies, histories and memories. The proposed project is to relocate You Are T(here) to a rural common, to use the international residents of area (coastal town) and present a interactive guide from the town to the sea through stories and souls. The project will also create the opportunity to stage some actions and interventions and engage different groups and individuals.
Write now we are reading around it all. Cumbric history and language along with some more classic theory on place.

“We are hardcore dropouts from orthodoxy, embarking on a permanent quest to develop a more inclusive system of political thought and aesthetic praxis” (Gomez Peña LIVE :78)

Now available the OPACITY INC GUIDE TO OPACITY INC: to request a digital version or print copy or for more information regarding O.I. contact opacityinc@gmail.com.


leaves on the track

Opacity Inc are suffering a lost connection.
They hope to be more connected within the year.

N x

Sigh Bird Rift: www.postnowist.blogspot.com


For the Royalty I Lack and the DrugstoreCowboy

This is an update. you should understand: Opacity Inc are on unofficial hiatus. this is how we are working now. this is the way we live, the way we live now. we steal words and work every month. it takes time. our collaborative relationship works organically and is based on intellectual energy. time is needed to translate the bible, to detoxinate the soul, to get it together, to walk and think, to commit to other work, to learn how to write again. a performance may take years, material is always t(here) but the we have opened the gates and it is hell inside and that is the work. relational aesthetics copmlicate matters somewhat. here is a texual performance to digest until things pick themsleves up out of whichever gutter they have fallen into and stubbornly stayed, of course my sobor thoughts are bias.

there is a beach, an old boat.
there is a kite
there is a new language
there is cain and abel.
there is an argument.
there are baby tags bibliography sewweedstrewen on the beach.
the ocean crys and the sun rises.
as it gets dark, a fire is lit and we all fall in love with each other, audience, artists and the work.
this is what comm(ON)unity is about.
to be free is nothing. to become free is everything.

with love and sadness.
happy birthday opacity inc.
n x

'the history books forgot about us. and the bible didn't mention us.'


New s tough

August: we are beginning a new piece of work. this is exciting. it will take a long time. we are busy. but. we are busy.

we have a year until we begin a long distance collaboration which will exist as correspondence for a while. this year will hopefully end in the new piece of work. reading at the moment consists of: The Bible, a clockwork orange, tropic of cancer, and a collection of books on yorkshire/cumbrian/italian slang and dialect. we're starting with an oitopian long wedge.

Also this month we were awarded an Impetus award for the community beach work (workshops and performance creation of You Are T(here). ) The award recognises our awareness and participation of/in human rights issues.

more writings and work to follow.

"grass grows from the middle, not the top or the bottom"

n x


I've been thinking a lot about books...

"I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us.
If the book we are reading doesn't wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for?
We need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves,
like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide.
A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us." (Kafka)

The frozen sea at the concreted beach.

The Opacity Inc guide to Opacity Inc will be available as a digital series at the height of Summer 2006

Resist Much
Obey Little


Poetry is dead, long live Poetry

Performance event at City Screen Basement Bar 15th June.
As part of the Riverlines (http://www.riverlines.org) Poetry event and Aesthetica Magazine (www.aestheticamagazine.com) Opacity Inc. are performing a new piece of text based work.
Aesthetica Magazine are good friends of ours and we're happy to work with them, if you havn't seen their magazine it is rather good stuff.
This new work will be our first indoor piece for a long time, so sit still and open your arteries, the words are coming.

This month we have mostly been reading Nicolas Bourriaud's 'Relational Aesthetics'.

n x


You Are T(here) Trailer

Watch the video
Trailer for the 'You Are T(here)' Performance by Opacity Inc.


Tristram Shandy est mort, vive Tristram Shandy!

I’m walking through a busy Coney St. York City center on 4th October 2005 and I walk past a man pushing a baby in a pram.
The baby is crying and it is loud.
The man is listening to his iPod, oblivious to the child.
I look him directly in the eye but I am a ghost, opacity = 0%.

In the city we are either ghosts or robots, we belong to fiction, we pass and are passed by the passer by.
Where is the comm(on)unity in the street? I remember that in Paris in 1968 there were slogans written on the walls, one said ‘Poetry is in the streets’ where is the poetry in passivity, surely an active engagement in our environment is needed in (dis)order to be able to make conscious decisions and not be dragged into a fixed psychological field of geographical control.
In York control is the shadow of the edifice (York Minster), or Spectacle Street's glitter, glam, sham, pound signs...the media should be slogans on walls not slogans in windows.

This is what Opacity(ism) is, the freeing up of imaginative creativity, an escape from the psychogeography or the abilty to change it, or the initiative to do so.
It is eye contact with strangers.
It is playing
It is a clear understanding of complex theories
It is the art of 21st Century rebels: a man who says no becomes two men who say tristram shandy is dead, long live tristram shandy becomes people who say 'ch ch ch ch ch changes' becomes king mob media becomes oitopianism.

I have drifted a little on the digital page.

n x

Britain isn't working, ne traville jamais.


February Artkhives

Street actions from Valentines Day ™ 2006.
Love is in the Errgh


Psychogeographers of the world unite!

On the night of Sunday 9th April You were here You were there and (T)here is a photo to prove it.
Thankyou to everyone who participated in the You are T(here) event for april, the performance will be shown again in may in the meantime, we are working on new things, exciting things and object things, over the next few weeks we will upload some video work and writings from the last 6 months to complete the Y.a.T(H). work. Opacity Inc. is rising.




King Mob Strikes Again...

Opacity Inc. Have been very busy writing, reading (arguably the same thing), mapping, re-mapping and walking for the last few months, They have been taken on walks, tours of places, imaginary, actual and remembered. Our participants and influences have fused together to create our first post-nowist performance tour of the city.
"YOU ARE T(HERE): Sunday 9th April, 2006.
Starting at the Impressions Gallery Building at 6.00pm.
There may be a an exhibition of our works, video and street actions in the gallery building (now empty as the lovely impressions gallery has sadly moved on) we will keep you posted on that one. Anyone wishing to attend just turn up, email opacityinc@gmail.com for more information. If you would like a post to distribute simply download the poster.

Resist Much. Obey Little.


No coverage on the BBC? Blog Media to the Rescue!



Going through the motions destroys emotion

We confess we are unusual. We confess that's nothing strange

Opacity Inc. have exciting new work to be exhibited in April in York. (Dates tbc) not only that, but we also have an epic performance work debuted on the 9th April in York City Center, the performance is tour-esque so be prepared to walk, not only that, we are also running a day workshop as part of the Celebrate Diversity "Festival" on Sunday April 2nd (details to follow), not only that, we have a few publications on the way, a digital scrap book of city actions from 2005/2006 and a beautiful handcrafted Opacity Inc. Workbook. All in all a very busy. ALSO: Manifesto (Incomprehensible Pamphlet) to be released here within the month. All details to follow, invitations sent out soon.
Stay Beautiful
OI x

"The sun does funny things
Its like some pranksters cheat
I could swear the city’s like some magic beach
‘Cause against the curb
I can see those street waves beat"
(Pere Ubu)



I Confess I ♥ You. I Confess I Don't Care.

On February fourteenth we will be sending out Valentines Cards.
We are accepting requests for cards and will be arranging short meetings to exchange a gift with our Valentines on the evening of Tuesday the fourteenth.

Be our valentine and send us your own DIY Valentines card
Email for address.


"wipe out aristocracy now" MSP


Slogans to be spread now by every means...

A Short Film about Living

Watch the video


Maggots in your Culture Scene

“ our position is that we are combatants between two worlds – one that we don’t acknowledge, the other that does not yet exist” (Roale Vaneigem)

Today is Sunday, Sundays are often blue, Sundays are too often filled with nothing, Sundays are perfect days for writing.
I think this sunday is a good time and place (mentally) to try and explain some of the Opacity Inc. Manifesto (unfinished) and to place a bit of (con)text into this cyberdocument of our practice.

Who are we?
We are Opacity Inc.
A small collective of artists and activists, students and rebels, deviants, sinners and revolutionaries.

What do we do?
Opacity Inc. create large scale performance art events in public spaces, activist actions and subtle acts of eco-friendly vandalism, protests, culture jamming & city centre subversion.
We make films, books and posters.
We also run workshops which can coincide with all or specific parts of our artistic and activist practice.

Why do we do it?
Opacity Inc. believe that general revolution originates in the appropriation and alteration of the material environment and its space. We think global and act local.

Then again these are just Sunday ramblings, if you would like to know more then email us or wait until we publish our manifesto (March ’06).

Resist Much
Obey Little




No Copyright No Rights Reserved.



Treat Yourselves, Its Christmas!

"The point is to actually participate in the community of dialogue and the game with time that up till now have merely been represented by poetic and artistic works." (Debord 187)


Free Mince Pies

write to 3ca480@gmail.com with your address and we will send you a free mince pie.

We have already showered the public of York on 17/12/05 with free mince pies and anti-capitalist christmas flyers.

more to follow...


sous le paves le plage


OPACITY INC are a post-nowist performance art collective, internationally celebrated artists they are currently on an extended hiatus (until Margret Thatcher dies). Founded in 2006 by Mr Ward and My Walker in York (UK), their work makes geography, autobiography and community through large scale promenade performances and small scale film and book-works.

For Information on Opacity Inc. co-founder Nathan Walker visit: http://www.nathan-walker.co.uk

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